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Like a cross between a fictional comic book supervixen and the art world's answer to a really-hot-babe, Madelin Zero's very existence consistently sparks the question, "who is that girl?"

The answer to the question is a bit more complex than one might think. Of course technically she is human, but on all other levels you can depend on her otherworldliness. Musically, she is a true artist, sometimes channeling vintage Madonna, Terri Nunn and Deborah Harry, all while creating a sound that is entirely new and her own. After a brief career as a back-up singer for rock bands like Foreigner and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, Madelin's first solo album, Dirty Purple, was released in October of 2004 on Indecent Media Records. The album enjoyed underground success in the United States, Asia, and Europe and Billboard Magazine named her "artist to watch" in October 2004.

In 2003 Madelin had the first major success of her career when her voice became the unexpected siren in CIRC's song Destroy She Said. The song made its debut on German Mtv with a cartoonish music video laced with imagery from a pseudo-Salvador Dali painting, dancing sailors and a wide-eyed Madelin dressed as Alice in Wonderland. The pop anthem caused such controversy that it was temporarily pulled from the air
waves in Germany when the war in Iraq started because of its lyrics, which were, in fact, penned and recorded in New York eight months before September 11, 2001. The lyrics are: "Like towers falling down, like a bomb blast in your town, like a hostage tied in chains, I could not forget your name."

After seeing the video for Destroy She Said, it was Madelin's name people could not forget. She was asked by Andre Tanneberger (a.k.a ATB), one of the most successful electronic producers in the world, to write and record for his album No Silence. The album was a smash and made its debut on the charts at number 11 in June of 2004 containing Black Nights and Collides With Beauty. Both songs bore the stamp of
Madelin's voice and the distinct emotion of her pen. Grammy-nominated producer Bill Hamel followed with his re-mix and release of Anything Perfect, a song that Madelin and Hamel wrote together in early 2004.

Miss Zero has returned from Europe and currently resides in New York City where she is writing her second solo album. There is no word yet on what her inspiration will be this time around.

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